The Borough of Flemington

38 Park Avenue
Flemington, NJ 08822
PHONE: 908-782-8840 * FAX: 908-782-0142

MUNICIPAL OFFICE OPEN: Mondays through Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

POPULATION: 4,581 (2010 Census) AREA: 1.3 square miles

The land that comprises Flemington was originally the territory of the Lenni-Lenape Indians, as was all of Hunterdon County. In 1712, as part of a land parcel of 9170 acres, the Flemington acreage was acquired by William Penn and Daniel Coxe.

Flemington is surrounded by the Township of Raritan and is located in the near geographic center of the Township. The Borough is also the County Seat of Hunterdon. In 1756, Samuel Fleming purchased part of this land, and built his home which still stands on Bonnell Street, and “Fleming’s Town” was born.

The surrounding fertile farmland dictated that the beginnings of Flemington should be essentially agricultural. Early German and English settlers engaged in industries dependent on farm products. As time passed poultry and dairy farms superseded crops in agricultural importance. In 1785, Flemington was chosen as the County Seat of Hunterdon. Fire destroyed the old courthouse in 1826 and the City of Lambertville made an attempt to have the Seat moved, to no avail. Flemington remained the County Seat and the Courthouse which stands today on Main Street was built.The Union Hotel, across the street from the Courthouse was built in 1814 by Neal Hart. After Hart’s death in 1837, the hotel was purchased by his son and then in 1850 the partnership of Bartles, Bonnell and Fleming. It was during this ownership that the business became known by its current name. By 1980 sixty-five percent of Flemington borough had been included on the New Jersey State Register of Historic Places and is now on the National Register of Historic Places. In 1856, the Hunterdon County Agricultural society purchased 40 acres of land that would accommodate the people, exhibits and livestock for the County (Flemington) Fair. The purpose of this Fair was to promote competition between farmers, stock raisers and machinery manufacturers. In the year 2003, the County Fair found a new home in Raritan Township. The most dramatic change in Flemington was its transformation into a major factory outlet center, which is called Liberty Village and Turntable Junction. With over sixty-five stores, it has become one of the finest high quality manufactures outlet shopping complexes in the Country.

Historic Flemington is a community which maintains many faces from the Flemington Fair to Liberty Village, from art and craft shows to stock car racing, from small family owned businesses to large industrial enterprises and it is all maintained in a quaint country atmosphere.


MAYOR Phil Greiner … 908-410-0351
  Brooke Warden, Council President … 908-809-3585
  Marc Hain, Council Vice President … 908-303-3315
  Betsy Driver … 908-797-7355
  John Gorman … 908-328-3941
  Michael Harris … 908-397-9283
  Susan Peterson … 908-246-2667
CLERK Sallie Graziano … 908-782-8840 ext. 222
ADMIN. ASST. Allison Purcell … 908-782-8840 ext. 220
ATTORNEY Barry Goodman, PO Box 5600, Woodbridge, NJ 07095-0988 … 732-476-2560

ANIMAL CONTROL – Animal Control Solutions … 908-722-1271
AUDITOR Suplee, Clooney & Co. 308 East Broad Street, Westfield, NJ 07090 … 908-789-9300
BUILDING SUBCODE OFFICIAL Jeffrey Klein … 908-782-8840 ext. 224
CFO William Hance … 908-782-8840 ext. 225 
CONSTRUCTION OFFICIAL Jeffrey Klein … 908-782-8840 ext..224
ELECTRICAL SUBCODE OFFICIAL Michael Abbatiello … 908-782-8840
ENGINEER Rob Martucci, Van Cleef Engineering Assoc., 1128 Route 31, Lebanon, NJ 08833 … 908-735-9500
FIRE OFFICIAL Ken McCormick … 908-782-8840 ext. 227
FIRE SUBCODE OFFICIAL Richard Jones … 908-782-8840
MUNICIPAL COURT 2 Municipal Way .. 908-782-5770
  JUDGE Eric Perkins 
RECYCLING COORDINATOR Michael Campion … 908-782-2390
REGISTRAR OF VITAL STATISTICS Sallie Graziano … 908-782-8840 ext. 222
SWAC MUNICIPAL REPRESENTATIVE Michael Campion … 908-782-2390
ROAD SUPERVISOR Michael Campion … 908-782-2390
TAX ASSESSOR Edward Kerwin … 908-782-8840 ext. 232
TAX COLLECTOR Rebecca Newman … 908-782-8840 ext. 223
UTILITIES CLERK Rebecca Newman … 908-782-8840 ext. 223
WATER SUPERINTENDENT Josh Parks … 908-806-7214
WELFARE DIRECTOR County of Hunterdon, Division of Social Services, 6 Gauntt Place, Flemington, NJ 08822 … 908-788-1300
ZONING OFFICER Jeffrey Klein … 908-782-8840 ext. 224


FIRE DEPARTMENT 38 Park Avenue, Flemington, NJ 08822 … 908-782-5151
Scott Williamson
OEM COORDINATOR Mary Melfi … 908-782-8840
POLICE DEPARTMENT Flemington Borough Police Department, 90 Main Street, Flemington, NJ 08822 … 908-782-3434
  CHIEF Jerry Rotella


PLANNING BOARD CHAIRMAN Todd Cook … 908-782-8840
  SECRETARY Eileen Parks … 908-782-8840 ext. 221
  ATTORNEY William Gianos, PO Box 5365, Clinton, NJ 08809 … 908-735-4126


  2nd and 4th Monday of Each Month at 7:30 pm
  Borough Hall or other specified location
  1st Monday and 4th Tuesday at 7:00 pm
  Borough Hall


– K-4 Barely Sheaf School … 908-284-7584 
– K-4 Copper Hill School … 908-284-7660
– K-4 Francis A. Desmares School … 908-284-7540
– K-4 Robert Hunter School … 908-284-7620
– 5-6 Reading-Fleming Intermediate School … 908-284-7650
– 7-8 J.P. Case Middle School … 908-284-5100
– 9-12 Hunterdon Central Regional High School … 908-782-5727